After graduating from university with a BA in Astronautics and an MA in Computer Science, Kyoko joined Dentsu in 2010 and built a unique career starting with collaborative research with universities including MIT Media Lab and the University of Tokyo.
As a creative technologist, she works in a wide range where technology matters: from communication planning to product innovation and service development. 
She works extensively with her clients’ engineers and developers, to unveil their technology and to tell the story from the heart of the product with digital and interactive execution. Her projects include ‘Connecting Lifelines’, ‘dots by internavi’ and ‘Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989’ for Honda’s Internavi, ‘Play Air’ for Olympus, ‘The Space Hangout’ for JAXA and ‘HAKUTO’ for ispace.
She joind ispace in 2015, and now works exclusiveley for ‘HAKUTO’ project.
She has won numerous awards including a Titanium Grand Prix, a Titanium Lion and seven Gold Lions at Cannes, a Black Pencil and four Yellow pencils at D&AD. She has joined the jury member of Digital Crafts category in Cannes Lions in 2016. 
And she is a cat lover.​​​​​​​
Head of Innovation, TBWA\HAKUHODO
Jan 2023 - present
Creative Tech Director, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo
Feb 2020 - Jan 2023
Creative Director, ispace inc. (secondee assignment from Dentsu)
Apr 2015 - Aug 2017
Creative Technologist, Dentsu Inc.
Apr 2010 – Jan 2020​​​​​​​
Major Awards
Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989
D&AD: Black Pencil & 2 Yellow Pencils
Cannes Lions: Titanium Grand prix & 5 Gold Lions etc.
Japan Media Arts Festival: Grand Prix
and lots more
Apple App Store: Best of 2013
Yahoo! Internet Creative Award: Grand Prix.
D&AD: Yellow Pencil
Cannes Lions: Titanium Lion & Cyber Gold etc.
Tokyo Interactive Ad Award: Grand prix & Gold
and lots more
dots now
D&AD: Yellow Pencil
The FWA: Site of the Day
Spikes Asia: Gold
and more.​​​​
Google Lunar XPRIZE: Finalist
OPC Hack & Make Project (incl. OLYMPUS PLAY AIR)
Good Design Award: Good Design Best 100

Judging Experience
Digital & Social, 2024
Digital Marketing, 2019
Cannes Lions 
Mobile, 2018
Digital Craft, 2016
One Show
IP & Product Design, 2024
Interactive, 2018
UX/UI, 2018
Branded Entertainment, 2024


Branded Communication, 2019 - 2020
Creative Innovation, 2018 - 2019
Chair of Creative Innovation 2020-2021 
...and more.
Master of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
Rekimoto Lab, The University of Tokyo
April 2008 – March 2010
Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Space Application Lab, The University of Tokyo
April 2004 – March 2008
Publications & Student Projects
Cat@Log: Cat Wearable Sensing for Supporting Human-Animal Interaction
Kyoko Yonezawa, Masaru Naruoka, Takashi Miyaki, and Jun Rekimoto
Pervasive 2010 video paper, 2010
Human-Animal Interaction のためのウェアラブルセンシングに関する研究
Master’s Thesis, 2010
Cat@Log: Sensing Device Attachable to Pet Cats for Supporting Human-Pet Interaction
Kyoko Yonezawa, Takashi Miyaki, Jun Rekimoto
International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE2009), 2009
Cat@Log: Human Pet Interactionのための猫ウェアラブルセンシング
第17回インタラクティブシステムとソフトウェアに関するワークショップ(WISS2009), 2009
人工衛星画像を用いた氷河後退の解析  (Glacier Retreat Analysis using Satellite Images)
Bachelor's Thesis, 2008
Creator of IPA Mitoh Program (Organized by Japan's Minestry of Echonomy, Trande and Industry)
Exploratory IT Human Resources Project
October 2008 – March 2009
Delegate of Japan for ARLISS
A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites: CanSat Comeback Competition
September 2006
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